About Us


I’m Steph and I’m a mum of 2 and became a mobile personal trainer because as a mum, in those early days of wanting to get back into fitness, I wished there was a more affordable way of training in the comfort of my own home with the kids there instead of the stress of going to a gym and finding sitters or care for the kids or going to “kid friendly” gyms and have people complain that kids are there.


For those that know me, for many years I have dealt with depression, anxiety and a panic disorder and also have PCOS (to which I was told I would NEVER be able to have kids) and also an autoimmune disease.


I have managed to turn my health around for the better over the last decade with a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.


And so, I studied, I then came up with “In Fitness & In Health” and decided to also study nutrition to be able to optimise the assistance I can provide for others.


If you’re looking for someone who has experience and knowledge and you’re in the Moonee Valley area, feel free to contact me.



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