I’m Steph and I’m a mum of 2 energetic humans and became a personal trainer because as a mum, in those super early days of wanting to get back into fitness, I wished that there was a more affordable way of training that wasn’t in a stuffy gym and playing with equipment that I couldn’t figure out.

I also wanted there to be a space where I knew my kids were welcome if I couldn’t find a sitter to watch them for some time out for myself. Coz we all know someone that has tried a “kid friendly” gym and it’s been quite the opposite of that.


For those that know my journey, know that I have had massive weight gains and losses, PCOS, post natal depression, anxiety, panic disorder, autoimmune disease and the latest little addition, a very unwelcome stroke in 2020 which resulted in heart surgery in late 2021.


Not to brag, but I have a fair few health issues that I’ve managed to keep on top of with thanks to being fit, having a balanced diet (by balanced, I mean eating things in moderation) and of course, meds lol!

I’ve managed to turn my health around in the last decade with thanks to a more balanced lifestyle and wanted to help others achieve the same thing.

And so, I studied, slept, breastfed, studied, changed nappies and more study and became a personal trainer and came up with “In Fitness & In Health”.


If you’re looking for someone in the Moonee Valley area who has experience, knowledge and isn’t an Instafit model/influencer, you’ve come to the right person.

Don't be scared of reaching out and asking questions, because I too love asking ALL the questions.

About me...

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