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Doctor, Doctor, gimme the news...

What's been the most annoying/scariest time to wait for news from your doctor? There's been a few situations in my life so far but the stroke was the cherry on top so to speak...

After spending the last 10-15 years complaining about palpitations, random breathlessness and bouts of fatigue, I did a few tests all to find out that I'm "healthy" and nothing was too worrisome and to just keep an eye on things or the symptoms were put down to anxiety... Mind you, when palpitations would happen most of the time, I would be literally sitting on the couch or in bed or walking... So nothing strenuous/stressful.

After the stroke I had, the specialists involved in my case said that these issues I was experiencing for many years were actually and potentially signs that there was a PFO that was never picked up previously or tested for previously. The breathlessness and palpitations have pretty much ceased since my PFO closure although fatigue is something I'll have to deal with life long now because of the stroke, but it's not all the time which is great.

Point to this post... If you think something is a bit NQR within yourself, push and push hard for answers. If you feel you're being doubted, seek a second opinion and advocate for yourself, because no one else will do it for you.


And if anyone is after an amazing cardiology and neurology team, the gang at St Vincent's in Melbourne were FANTASTIC.

PS... All my blog titles will most likely be song titles because I love music way too much haha!

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