• Steph Jeffs

Let's get physical

Updated: Jul 8

Yeah, it's been a hot minute hasn't it?

But I'm BAAAAAAAAAAACK. So, exercise... working out... WHY?

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY do we need to do these things?

So here's the thing right, bodies are MADE to move. Bodies are made to be strong.

Bodies are not made for sitting down 8-14 hours a day. Bodies were not made for a sedentary lifestyle.

Bodies were made for survival. Bodies were made for hunting. Bodies were meant to carry ourselves and everything else around for hours on end (think cave people).

So when a client starts with me a few months ago and had slip on runners that they struggled with putting on without an almost adult height shoe horn and can now bend over to TIE UP A PAIR OF PROPER RUNNERS and cries with excitement, I can't help but think of how many other folks are struggling with these day to day tasks.

No you don't need a PT or anything fancy, you just need to MOVE!!

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