• Steph Jeffs

My my my my corona

It’s finally happened… I have finally succumbed to Covid.

To say I’m pissed right off is an understatement.

But it had to happen eventually right?

Started coughing a fair bit last night and started getting chest pain overnight and this morning the faint second line came up on the RAT.

The chest pain has gotten worse over the course of the day so tried to ring a respiratory clinic with no luck but did manage to get onto my GP who is an absolute legend. Because I’m immunocompromised I can get my mits on the antiviral medication Paxlovid which I’m hoping will help with the cough and the pain.

Henry is appearing to be totally fine except for a snotty nose and cough which is great and is eating and drinking everything lol!

Send donuts please and thank you haha!

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